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Ness Wood is an absolutely rocking designer
Sarah McIntyre, author-illustrator

I've worked with Ness Wood for over 20 years and hand on heart I can say that she is one of the most original designers of striking images in the world of UK book design. Ness has the ability to see the design whole and sometimes almost immediately. This means that beautiful design seems to manifest from nowhere, she is astonishing and even more, she is able to spot design and young artistic talent, crucially, before it has flowered. DFB is very lucky to be working with Ness Wood.
David Fickling, publisher

Ness is, quite simply, the most brilliant designer. You can tell a Ness Wood Book a mile off - her designs sing out clarity, imagination and style. She's meticulous with schedules, fantastically organised, always ready to help and advise - and a real joy to work with. I feel hugely lucky she's designed the Very Little picture book series. Thank you Ness!
Teresa Heapy, author

Ness is an absolute joy to work with: quick and clear in her feedback and full of helpful suggestions to improve the artwork. She really contributed to making Daddy's Sandwich, and made the process that extra bit more special.
Laura Hughes, illustrator

Ness Wood is one of the most talented and creative designers I have ever worked with. Her contribution to my Alfie books in particular has been invaluable. Her suggestions are never obtrusive, but her aesthetic grasp on the way a picture book works, and how it impacts on the very young reader, is impeccable.
Shirley Hughes, author-illustrator

It was a joy working with Ness on Wayland. I feel that we speak the same language in book design and her ideas were always pertinent and helpful. I admire her as a designer and I relied on her solid support. I do hope we can work together on several more books!
John Lawrence, illustrator

There is a young woman called Wood
Who works longer hours than she should
To transform my crude scribblings,
and scrawlings and dribblings
And leave them somehow looking good.
Dave Shelton, author-illustrator

It is instantly reassuring to know that Ness Wood is designing the book you are working on. She has a remarkable ability to understand the tone and ambition of a project from the outset and maintain this insight as the project evolves. With Ness you know that your thoughts will be taken on board and responded to swiftly, that feedback on your work will be given with clarity, warmth and sensitivity, and that the book will be developed with respect and enthusiasm. I trust Ness with every fledgling idea and my roughest of roughs. She is efficient, responsive and fun to work with and the books she produces are designed with flair and a meticulous attention to detail. It is no wonder that so many of the books Ness works on end up being nominated for national awards.
Pam Smy, author-illustrator

Ness has fabulous creative flair and imagination. She brings the knowledge of a true connoisseur of design history, combined with a wonderful attention to detail, to her work. The Dixie O'Day series has been much admired for their striking look and retro charm. Nothing is too much trouble: she is supportive and generous, always going the extra mile to produce exquisite and stylish books.

Ness changed EVERYTHING for me, not only with the stunning design on the Dixie Books - inside and out – but transforming the way I draw and work. . .
Clara Vulliamy, author-illustrator

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